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2018 Thematic Exhibitions Summit Forum Invitation

To improve the communication and cooperation in technologies, exhibits, resources, designs among museums and science centers industry, the 2018 Thematic Exhibitions Summit Forum will be held in Zhengzhou city from April 12th to 15th.

Thematic Exhibitions Summit Forum is the one of the largest gathering of science popularization professionals in China, convened once every year. The attendees from all over the world will come together to share their ideas and establish relationship. The conference offered an opportunity for science centres / museums and related industry to discuss their strategies for their new roles in society. Help your institution pick up new skills, share your knowledge and expertise, and find new tools to help you succeed. We sincerely invite you to join this conference with your excellent idea!

Theme:The latest developments in China travelling exhibitions industry--Link industry upstream and downstream

Content:Keynote speech and seminar of travelling exhibitions industry

OrganizerZhengzhou Science & Technology Museum & China Travelling Exhibitions Website

Co-organizer:Science Education and Museum Journal;Mystery of Life Museum (Dalian?Chengdu?Suzhou);Dalian Hoffen Culture Development Co.,LTD;Universal Museum Consaltant & Management Co.,LTD

Meeting LocationZhengzhou Science & Technology Museum, No. 32, Songshan South Road, Zhengzhou

Register and Meeting Schedule

Registration: 2018/04/12 -- 2018/04/13

Sessions: 2018/04/14 -- 2018/04/15

Register Fee

USD 130 per attendee (including meeting material)

USD 1000 per standard business booth (10’x10’) for choice (each standard booth contains free registration for two attendees)



Heru Wang Email: wangheru@hofffen.com.cn

Yexian Fan Email: fanyexian@hoffen.com.cn

Yejun Shen Email: shenyejun@hoffen.com.cn

Qiao Xu Email: xuqiao@hoffen.com.cn

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