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  • Sea monsters

    Created by the world’s leading marine biologists and deep water explorers, the exhibition is your best opportunity to learn the mysteries of the sea monsters, the creatures that were once too far away or too frightening to approach. The ancient, lon

  • Vertebrate kingdom

    Have you ever know a new technique for preserving specimen, which is called plastination technique? It’s a kind of new technique which could preserve biological tissue as it is alive and could not only keep the original shape and appearance of the s

  • Human body

    Where do we come from? What are in our bodies? These questions have been accompanying us for thousands of years during the progress of human civilization.

  • Horse and its culture exhibition

    Horse And Its Culture Exhibition is a perfect combination of “horse” and its culture. By showing the fossil, the exhibition make the visitor knows better about evolution of the horse and the its close relationship with human; Another feature of th

  • Sex education exhibition for teens

    Sex Education For Teens is a guide for the confused boys and girls to grow up. By cartoon painting pictures and real human specimens , the exhibition answer a series of embarrassing problems faced by children in their. special period and explain other

  • Turtle and its culture exhibition

    Turtle is one of the worlds oldest animals, Ancient people used the shells as a divination tool. In modern times, many Chinese people believe that the turtle can bring good luck and consider them as a auspicious beast. By plastination, more than 40 wh

  • Plastiated seafood exhibition

    Seafood is very popular all over the world. More than 80 seafood specimens featured in the a Bite of Seafood Exhibition, some of which is common and others visitors may familiar with. Through the exhibition, visitors will get a impact for both vision